Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Hero

The name of my hero is Phantom Angel. From day to day she lives a secret life. During the day she goes by the name of Triella, a blonde hair, blue eyed 16-year-old girl. Then as the sunsets she changes entirely. Her long blonde hair turns jet black. Then her ocean blue eyes evolve into a deep shade of violet and dark silky black wings emerge from her back, stretching to a length of 50 meters tip to tip. She wields a magnificent staff that bares a rare magical gem on the end. When she fights evil she uses the staff to attack and capture the delinquents. She also uses the cross around her neck to strip the power to wield magic from those who miss use it. After transformation every night she flies through the skies gracefully with her majestic black wings fighting evil and keeping the town in perfect harmony. Then as soon as the sun peeks over the horizon she flies home and gently turns back into the regular blonde hair, blue eyed Triella of the planet Pax; the planet she has lived on since birth and protected since her 10th birthday. She will protect Pax until the day she dies and can pass the duty on to her offspring.