Friday, February 20, 2009


Have you ever wished that you had one extra hour in the day so you could actually finish everything you need to do? If you are luck, and if you live in Bixby, Oklahoma, then you do get an extra hour, the secret hour. An hour were you are powerful and everyone else is frozen. The world is your playground at exactly 12 am.

In the book Midnighters the Secret Hour by Scott Westerfled, Jessica Day moves to Bixby, Oklahoma, and she is kind of crept out by the town. She thinks the water tastes funny, the people are weird and the water makes her have weird dreams. She soon finds out that the weird dreams she keeps having are not dreams at all but a moment in time when everyone is frozen except a select few called the Midnighters, and the creepy crawlies we hall have nightmares about.

Jessica starts being attacked by dark beings every night at the secret hour and the other midnighters do not know why. They find out that the reason that the "darklings" are attacking her is because she possesses a huge power that could wipe them out. The Midnighters must work together to keep Jessica safe and protect the town they all call home.

This great work of fiction completely pulled me in. I never wanted to lay the book down, and a few times I got in trouble by my teachers for reading while they were teaching their lesson. In the book Midnighters the Secret Hour I escaped to my own secret hour and had a blast. Scott Westerfled really know how to write a good adventure novel. I have also read his book series called the Uglies. The Uglies was another book that I could not lay down. Scott Westerfled is a great author and everyone should read one of his books. A person can really venture into another world when reading his books.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

" Dat Buck two devils"

White teeth, sharp and blood spattered, clanging and chomping as dog glares the other in the eyes, anticipating the next move. Intense moments like this one are exactly what Buck experienced in the novel Call of the Wild. Buck himself was a fierce, intense animal. Thus is why Buck was seen as "two devils" (pg54) , and was able to live in the tough world of "the law of club and fang"(pg25).

The novel Call of the Wild is certainly all about taking stands. Buck took so many stands in the novel, he was mighty and headstrong. I personally would have never picked this book up to read on my own, because I normally do not read books about animals. I prefer adventure and a little science fiction, but this novel blew me out of the water. Great detail, vivid scenes, the whole novel is memorable. I am go glad that I read Call of the Wild. Everyone should read Call of the Wild.

On the back of the novel, three words are written at the top. The words are "Harsh. Brutal. Strong." That is exactly how this novel is, and Jack London, the author, just pulls you in and makes one want to finish Buck's journey with him, and see how it ends. After reading Call of the Wild, I myself want to answer my call to the wild, and dig back down to my primal ancestors' ways of living, but I am no were near tough enough. =)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dead Untill Dark

Love, fate, blood, fangs, betrayal, and deception, when reading Dead Until Dark one will encounter all of these. I can really get into this book, and I think the reason I can get into the book so well is because the main character is a blond hair blue eye waitress, Sookie Stackhouse, in a small town where nothing really happens. Which in my opinion sounds a bit like me. Then one day, a vampire enters the place in which Sookie works and her whole world gets flipped upside down and all around.

If you are a fan of the Twilight books, then you should read this book and the seven that follow. I have read almost all of them and they are great. There are dark twists and turns, with a touch of love, and romance. This book and the following ones are a bit more, shall I say, grown up then the Twilight series. Charlaine Harris, the author, seems to be deeper in her writing. She really knows how to through adventure, love, and fighting all into one book and suck a reader in. Another great asset to this book and the whole series it the mystery that is intertwined within. There is a murderer loose and the murderer is killing many girls within Sookie's home town. And Jason, Sookie's brother, is the main suspect.

I received the book, Dead Until Dark, as a Christmas present from my best friend, and i have not been able to keep my nose out of the book series that Charlaine Harris has written. This book series has become so big and so widely read that it has been turned into a HBO series. I have watched the first season and can not wait till the next season comes out.

So if you find your self wanting to read something with love, but that is really juicy, exciting, and mysterious, read Dead Until Dark. I can almost guarantee you will get hooked in and want to read more and experience the mysterious new life of Sookie Stackhouse.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Antigone the Great

Would you put your life at risk for someone you love? Would you stand by them after they died, even if doing so would bring upon your death as well? Antigone, in the book Antigone, did both for her brother. She was noble, brave, and stubborn. Antigone was a true hero, and she took a great stand for what she believed in and she did not back down.

I like to think that I am as strong as Antigone. I would be there for my brother no matter what, just like she was. Even if my doing so would cost me my life in the end I could feel good about myself because I was selfless, loving, and noble till the end. If anything, Antigone was just that. She was stubborn and strong willed.

I highly recommend the book Antigone for everyone to read sometime in their lifetime. The lesson a person can learn from the book is a great lesson. I myself learned that you have to back your family no matter what, and that whatever you do will come back around and get you. Creon learned that everything comes back to get you, he was punished greatly for the selfish, prideful way he acted. Remember that if a person does not have their family what do they really have at all.