Saturday, February 14, 2009

" Dat Buck two devils"

White teeth, sharp and blood spattered, clanging and chomping as dog glares the other in the eyes, anticipating the next move. Intense moments like this one are exactly what Buck experienced in the novel Call of the Wild. Buck himself was a fierce, intense animal. Thus is why Buck was seen as "two devils" (pg54) , and was able to live in the tough world of "the law of club and fang"(pg25).

The novel Call of the Wild is certainly all about taking stands. Buck took so many stands in the novel, he was mighty and headstrong. I personally would have never picked this book up to read on my own, because I normally do not read books about animals. I prefer adventure and a little science fiction, but this novel blew me out of the water. Great detail, vivid scenes, the whole novel is memorable. I am go glad that I read Call of the Wild. Everyone should read Call of the Wild.

On the back of the novel, three words are written at the top. The words are "Harsh. Brutal. Strong." That is exactly how this novel is, and Jack London, the author, just pulls you in and makes one want to finish Buck's journey with him, and see how it ends. After reading Call of the Wild, I myself want to answer my call to the wild, and dig back down to my primal ancestors' ways of living, but I am no were near tough enough. =)

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