Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dead Untill Dark

Love, fate, blood, fangs, betrayal, and deception, when reading Dead Until Dark one will encounter all of these. I can really get into this book, and I think the reason I can get into the book so well is because the main character is a blond hair blue eye waitress, Sookie Stackhouse, in a small town where nothing really happens. Which in my opinion sounds a bit like me. Then one day, a vampire enters the place in which Sookie works and her whole world gets flipped upside down and all around.

If you are a fan of the Twilight books, then you should read this book and the seven that follow. I have read almost all of them and they are great. There are dark twists and turns, with a touch of love, and romance. This book and the following ones are a bit more, shall I say, grown up then the Twilight series. Charlaine Harris, the author, seems to be deeper in her writing. She really knows how to through adventure, love, and fighting all into one book and suck a reader in. Another great asset to this book and the whole series it the mystery that is intertwined within. There is a murderer loose and the murderer is killing many girls within Sookie's home town. And Jason, Sookie's brother, is the main suspect.

I received the book, Dead Until Dark, as a Christmas present from my best friend, and i have not been able to keep my nose out of the book series that Charlaine Harris has written. This book series has become so big and so widely read that it has been turned into a HBO series. I have watched the first season and can not wait till the next season comes out.

So if you find your self wanting to read something with love, but that is really juicy, exciting, and mysterious, read Dead Until Dark. I can almost guarantee you will get hooked in and want to read more and experience the mysterious new life of Sookie Stackhouse.

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Wildgrace said...

This book has a grand total of 291 pages. I am not sure if that will qualify as two or not. I have read plenty more so I can make everything work out I hope. =)