Friday, February 20, 2009


Have you ever wished that you had one extra hour in the day so you could actually finish everything you need to do? If you are luck, and if you live in Bixby, Oklahoma, then you do get an extra hour, the secret hour. An hour were you are powerful and everyone else is frozen. The world is your playground at exactly 12 am.

In the book Midnighters the Secret Hour by Scott Westerfled, Jessica Day moves to Bixby, Oklahoma, and she is kind of crept out by the town. She thinks the water tastes funny, the people are weird and the water makes her have weird dreams. She soon finds out that the weird dreams she keeps having are not dreams at all but a moment in time when everyone is frozen except a select few called the Midnighters, and the creepy crawlies we hall have nightmares about.

Jessica starts being attacked by dark beings every night at the secret hour and the other midnighters do not know why. They find out that the reason that the "darklings" are attacking her is because she possesses a huge power that could wipe them out. The Midnighters must work together to keep Jessica safe and protect the town they all call home.

This great work of fiction completely pulled me in. I never wanted to lay the book down, and a few times I got in trouble by my teachers for reading while they were teaching their lesson. In the book Midnighters the Secret Hour I escaped to my own secret hour and had a blast. Scott Westerfled really know how to write a good adventure novel. I have also read his book series called the Uglies. The Uglies was another book that I could not lay down. Scott Westerfled is a great author and everyone should read one of his books. A person can really venture into another world when reading his books.

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Wildgrace said...

This book has over 300pages, but i devoured the whole book in hours. Scott Westerfled is a great author.