Monday, December 29, 2008

New Computer

I love my new Computer.
It is way more expensive than pewter.

I love the keys,
I can type with such ease.

I love the speed.
It is a fine computer indeed.

I wish you could see
When I opened it I screamed with glee

Oh how nice my new gift,
It sure gave my spirits a good lift

I must go now for I want to play.
I hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We Are Half Way Done

Sophomore year, a year that I will never forget. Even though we are only half way through it is already unforgettable. I must be honest i was so afraid of coming into high school. I kind of went into a whole stereo type feeling where i was scared that the new sophomores would get picked on by the previous sophomores. I am very happy to report that this did not happen at all.

This half of the year has been intriguing. I have made so many friends of so many types that it is hard to believe. I love my classes and I have many of my friends in all of my classes. Having friends in classes make enjoying school a bit easier.

Everyone is so nice. The teachers, the students, the janitors, the lunch ladies, everyone says hi and helps each other and I love that. I could not figure out my locker combination the first week of school and three other students helped me out. If I have problems with any of my homework and i can not reach a teacher a fellow student will help me. It is like we are all united as one, the Batesville Pioneer family.

Although I am ready for college, I do not want to leave the high school. I am happy that I still have two more years to enjoy the high school. I am going to make many memories and take advantage of my time here at Batesville.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Leadership: the ability to lead others. Having the quality of leadership is great and can be very helpful. With leadership you can help others but you can also hurt others as well. In the book Tragedy of Julius Caesar we see an example of corrupt leadership. Cassius talks a group of men into killing the noble Caesar. He is able to manipulate these men and get them to from an alliance against Caesar. After he gets all the men he wants in the group he leads them on to stab Caesar. Cassius even talked Caesar's friend Brutus into killing Caesar. Cassius knew how to lead these men and talk to them so that they did as he wanted them to. Cassius was jealous of Caesar's power so he used his ability to understand men's wants to murder Caesar.

This kind of corrupt leadership occurs all the time. It happens in governments, towns, cities, homes, schools, and friendship. I myself have experienced corrupt leadership first hand. A few years ago two of my friends got into a huge dispute over some guy and I some how got drug in the middle of it all. My friends told me i had to choose, that I could not be friends with both of them. I could not decide so I walked away. Then a few days later one of them came up to me and started telling me that the other person was running her mouth about me and spreading horrible rumors. I was infuriated! I completely shut the girl, that was supposedly spreading the rumors, out of my life. I never answered her phone calls, I ignored her texts, and every time she came near me i would turn and leave. What I did not know was she did not really spread any rumors the other girl had lied to me. She had manipulated me and lead me to her side. I thought that I could trust her but after her leading me on like that I knew better. I had to set the situation right with the other girl whom was the true friend.

I explained to her what i had been told and i apologized a million times. I felt so bad. I had been manipulated just like Brutus in Julius Caesar, but i did not go to the extreme of killing my best friend. I learned from my experience and my true friend and i have never been better. Life is tough and corruption is out there so be careful and never betray the ones that you love.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fate - real or hocks

In the book Julius Caesar fate is the key component. Shakespeare used fate in all of his writings. From noticing this I believe that Shakespeare himself was a firm believer in fate himself. In the book Julius Caesar everyone seems to have no free will and the run their lives according to omens, soothsayers, and dreams. It is like they are taking the easy way out and letting an outside force,fate, control every aspect of their life.

One of the multiple examples of fate in Julius Caesar is when the soothsayer runs up to Caesar and says, " Beware the ides of March." Caesar thinks nothing of it and moves on. Then when the ides of March come, on March 15th, Caesar is murdered. He was warned but did not really think and just as the soothsayer predicted tragedy happened at the ides of March.

Before Caesar's death his wife also tried to warn him of his death. She claimed that she had a dream that suggested something terrible would happen but her dream was just waved off as if there was no meaning. Then as fate would have it a very terrible thing did happen to Caesar. Fate was after Caesar and he could not avoid it.

Later in the book in act four scene three Brutus is visited by the ghost of Caesar. The Ghost tells him, "...thou shall see me at Philippi." Brutus excepts this omen as an omen of defeat. Then later at Philippi Brutus is defeated and kills himself. He acted as if there were no other option but for him to die.

After reading this book I can confidently conclude that Shakespeare believed in fate and wanted other people to see fate in his writings. Fate is uncontrollable and as shown in Julius Caesar what is going to happen will happen no matter what.

Monday, November 17, 2008

It Helps to Listen

Have you ever felt like no one understood you or like no one was listening to what you were saying? Have you ever had your boyfriend/girl friend break up with you and when you tried to tell your friend about it he/she just spaced out the whole time you were having an emotional break down? Wait let me answer for you, yes you have. everyone has experienced and participated in some form of poor listening skills. Written in the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey, the five poor listening styles are as follows: spacing out, pretending to listen, selective listening, word listening, and self-centered listening. All of us are guilty of committing all of these poor listening habits at least once in our life. Yet we expect people to listen to us to the best of their ability.

A few years ago I went through some tough situations that a person should never have to experience. I was in deep depression and no one would help me. I tried to tell everyone I knew what was going on. I wanted help so bad but no one would listen to me. They judged me and just because I was young they thought I was making up stories and being dramatic. When I thought someone was listening for real I would look them in the eyes and realize that they were spacing out thinking about their own little world. (Yes spacing out is very obvious no matter what you may happen to think.) So I would just get up and go to my room and cry. I also experienced people pretending to listen, and let me tell you pretending to listen is just as obvious as spacing out. There was one time that I was sitting and spilling my guts out to my mom telling her everything and all she would reply with was, "Oh" "No way" "OK" or "Cool". She paid me no attention what so ever. Then she looked away from me and started talking to someone else, forgetting all about me sitting there needing her help. No one understood the gravity of my situation. I felt so alone and depressed. Then one day I met a girl named Kari. She came up to me and said, "You look like you need someone to talk to." We went and sat under the tree in front of my house and I told her everything. I was so desperate to talk to someone and have them understand that I did not care that I had only known her for 5 minutes. The whole time I was pouring out my heart and soul she listened intently. She looked at me not around me. She mirrored me warmly with care clearly seen in her eyes and she cared about what I was saying. After that day we were inseparable.

Kari helped me to ascend up and above my problems and to move on in life with my chin held high. She listened to me when no one else would. She brought a light and shined it on the dark world I was living in. Listening, the easiest thing to do for someone, helped me get out of a world of depression. So next time some one tries to talk to you about their problems, whether they as horrible like mine or very simple, sit and listen. Maybe you could help them and be their friend, a bright sun in their shadowed world.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Being proactive, a habit that we all need to indulge in regularly. Everyday of our lives is full of chances to choose to be proactive or the be reactive. In the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens written by Sean Covey, the son of Stephen R. Covey who wrote The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Sean says, "Being proactive is the first step toward achieving the private victory." He is a very wise man and I know his statement is valid because I have experienced being proactive and being reactive many times.

About two years ago my little brother and I stayed at each others throats, arguing constantly. Everyday he would just try to make my day miserable. He would say statements such as; "I hate you! I wish I were an only child." or "I'm going to tell grandma that you hit me so that I can see you get in trouble." When he would say things like that my day from then on was horrible. I stayed tense and had continuous headaches. Then one morning in the car he said, " Chelsea I'm having a bad day so I'm going to ruin your day too."

I turned around and said, " No Dakota you will not ruin my day! I refuse to let you. I'm going to laugh off your hurt full comments and move on in life." He was persistent but so was I, I did not let him ruin my day. That day was the beginning of many enjoyable days. I chose to be proactive and not blow up on him or let him bother me. After that he stopped. We hardly ever fight anymore. The only time that we might argue is when we both want the computer, the 8 year old machine that likes shutting down unexpectedly. So make the right chose and be proactive. You will be glad when you do, i know i was.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Hero

The name of my hero is Phantom Angel. From day to day she lives a secret life. During the day she goes by the name of Triella, a blonde hair, blue eyed 16-year-old girl. Then as the sunsets she changes entirely. Her long blonde hair turns jet black. Then her ocean blue eyes evolve into a deep shade of violet and dark silky black wings emerge from her back, stretching to a length of 50 meters tip to tip. She wields a magnificent staff that bares a rare magical gem on the end. When she fights evil she uses the staff to attack and capture the delinquents. She also uses the cross around her neck to strip the power to wield magic from those who miss use it. After transformation every night she flies through the skies gracefully with her majestic black wings fighting evil and keeping the town in perfect harmony. Then as soon as the sun peeks over the horizon she flies home and gently turns back into the regular blonde hair, blue eyed Triella of the planet Pax; the planet she has lived on since birth and protected since her 10th birthday. She will protect Pax until the day she dies and can pass the duty on to her offspring.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Science Fiction

Science fiction is a very interesting genre. Science fiction really makes me think about how the world is and how it could be. I think about how the world would be if everything in science fiction books were real. I recomend the genre of science fiction for everyone to read. I recomend the book The Invisible Man for people to read. It was a great book, but it does have a few choice words that i did not like. Other than that it was a really good book. There are many other science fiction books, and short stories that are great asweel. For example, i enjoyed George Washington's Socks. George Washington's Socks is about a boy and his sister going back in time to a war lead by George Washington and going through everything that the soliders went through and having an adventure of a life time. Science fiction is a fun, exciting genre that everyone can enjoy.

Dear President

I think that Obama would be a good president. He has good plans in store for our country. He has plans to help people get affordable health care and has plans to get our men and women out of Iraq within 18 month. There is only one issue i do not agree with him on and that is his choice to be pro-choice. I feel that pro-choice is wrong and is murder. That is not what I am here to talk about though my opinions on abortion will be in a diffrent blog. I do feel secure that Obama can get this country back on it's feet and help us to move forward. Obama has so many great plans for this country and he will help every group of people. He has all of our interests in mind. I know that he does not have a lot of experience, but how can he ever get experience if he never gets the chance. I believe in him, and i believe that he can help you country in this time of need.