Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We Are Half Way Done

Sophomore year, a year that I will never forget. Even though we are only half way through it is already unforgettable. I must be honest i was so afraid of coming into high school. I kind of went into a whole stereo type feeling where i was scared that the new sophomores would get picked on by the previous sophomores. I am very happy to report that this did not happen at all.

This half of the year has been intriguing. I have made so many friends of so many types that it is hard to believe. I love my classes and I have many of my friends in all of my classes. Having friends in classes make enjoying school a bit easier.

Everyone is so nice. The teachers, the students, the janitors, the lunch ladies, everyone says hi and helps each other and I love that. I could not figure out my locker combination the first week of school and three other students helped me out. If I have problems with any of my homework and i can not reach a teacher a fellow student will help me. It is like we are all united as one, the Batesville Pioneer family.

Although I am ready for college, I do not want to leave the high school. I am happy that I still have two more years to enjoy the high school. I am going to make many memories and take advantage of my time here at Batesville.

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