Monday, December 29, 2008

New Computer

I love my new Computer.
It is way more expensive than pewter.

I love the keys,
I can type with such ease.

I love the speed.
It is a fine computer indeed.

I wish you could see
When I opened it I screamed with glee

Oh how nice my new gift,
It sure gave my spirits a good lift

I must go now for I want to play.
I hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We Are Half Way Done

Sophomore year, a year that I will never forget. Even though we are only half way through it is already unforgettable. I must be honest i was so afraid of coming into high school. I kind of went into a whole stereo type feeling where i was scared that the new sophomores would get picked on by the previous sophomores. I am very happy to report that this did not happen at all.

This half of the year has been intriguing. I have made so many friends of so many types that it is hard to believe. I love my classes and I have many of my friends in all of my classes. Having friends in classes make enjoying school a bit easier.

Everyone is so nice. The teachers, the students, the janitors, the lunch ladies, everyone says hi and helps each other and I love that. I could not figure out my locker combination the first week of school and three other students helped me out. If I have problems with any of my homework and i can not reach a teacher a fellow student will help me. It is like we are all united as one, the Batesville Pioneer family.

Although I am ready for college, I do not want to leave the high school. I am happy that I still have two more years to enjoy the high school. I am going to make many memories and take advantage of my time here at Batesville.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Leadership: the ability to lead others. Having the quality of leadership is great and can be very helpful. With leadership you can help others but you can also hurt others as well. In the book Tragedy of Julius Caesar we see an example of corrupt leadership. Cassius talks a group of men into killing the noble Caesar. He is able to manipulate these men and get them to from an alliance against Caesar. After he gets all the men he wants in the group he leads them on to stab Caesar. Cassius even talked Caesar's friend Brutus into killing Caesar. Cassius knew how to lead these men and talk to them so that they did as he wanted them to. Cassius was jealous of Caesar's power so he used his ability to understand men's wants to murder Caesar.

This kind of corrupt leadership occurs all the time. It happens in governments, towns, cities, homes, schools, and friendship. I myself have experienced corrupt leadership first hand. A few years ago two of my friends got into a huge dispute over some guy and I some how got drug in the middle of it all. My friends told me i had to choose, that I could not be friends with both of them. I could not decide so I walked away. Then a few days later one of them came up to me and started telling me that the other person was running her mouth about me and spreading horrible rumors. I was infuriated! I completely shut the girl, that was supposedly spreading the rumors, out of my life. I never answered her phone calls, I ignored her texts, and every time she came near me i would turn and leave. What I did not know was she did not really spread any rumors the other girl had lied to me. She had manipulated me and lead me to her side. I thought that I could trust her but after her leading me on like that I knew better. I had to set the situation right with the other girl whom was the true friend.

I explained to her what i had been told and i apologized a million times. I felt so bad. I had been manipulated just like Brutus in Julius Caesar, but i did not go to the extreme of killing my best friend. I learned from my experience and my true friend and i have never been better. Life is tough and corruption is out there so be careful and never betray the ones that you love.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fate - real or hocks

In the book Julius Caesar fate is the key component. Shakespeare used fate in all of his writings. From noticing this I believe that Shakespeare himself was a firm believer in fate himself. In the book Julius Caesar everyone seems to have no free will and the run their lives according to omens, soothsayers, and dreams. It is like they are taking the easy way out and letting an outside force,fate, control every aspect of their life.

One of the multiple examples of fate in Julius Caesar is when the soothsayer runs up to Caesar and says, " Beware the ides of March." Caesar thinks nothing of it and moves on. Then when the ides of March come, on March 15th, Caesar is murdered. He was warned but did not really think and just as the soothsayer predicted tragedy happened at the ides of March.

Before Caesar's death his wife also tried to warn him of his death. She claimed that she had a dream that suggested something terrible would happen but her dream was just waved off as if there was no meaning. Then as fate would have it a very terrible thing did happen to Caesar. Fate was after Caesar and he could not avoid it.

Later in the book in act four scene three Brutus is visited by the ghost of Caesar. The Ghost tells him, "...thou shall see me at Philippi." Brutus excepts this omen as an omen of defeat. Then later at Philippi Brutus is defeated and kills himself. He acted as if there were no other option but for him to die.

After reading this book I can confidently conclude that Shakespeare believed in fate and wanted other people to see fate in his writings. Fate is uncontrollable and as shown in Julius Caesar what is going to happen will happen no matter what.