Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Antigone the Great

Would you put your life at risk for someone you love? Would you stand by them after they died, even if doing so would bring upon your death as well? Antigone, in the book Antigone, did both for her brother. She was noble, brave, and stubborn. Antigone was a true hero, and she took a great stand for what she believed in and she did not back down.

I like to think that I am as strong as Antigone. I would be there for my brother no matter what, just like she was. Even if my doing so would cost me my life in the end I could feel good about myself because I was selfless, loving, and noble till the end. If anything, Antigone was just that. She was stubborn and strong willed.

I highly recommend the book Antigone for everyone to read sometime in their lifetime. The lesson a person can learn from the book is a great lesson. I myself learned that you have to back your family no matter what, and that whatever you do will come back around and get you. Creon learned that everything comes back to get you, he was punished greatly for the selfish, prideful way he acted. Remember that if a person does not have their family what do they really have at all.

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