Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This Semster's books

This semester I have read so many books that, I am not able to remember all of them. They were all good but with the rush of school, work, and home activates, time seems to fly by like a cheetah with its tail on fire. I always read fictional books like syfy and fantasy. The appeal of another world is so great, and the escape of melting into that otherworld get me all excited, and I always have trouble putting the book down.

· Tempted (336pages): This novel by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast is one of my favorite reads for this semester. Tempted is the sixth book in the House of Night series. The House of Night series is about a group of vampire friends living in a world where vampires are discriminated against when they just want a happy life like everyone else. This book was a bit different from the other five. The chapters switched back and forth from one character to another and I was not sure that I would like that at all. I was afraid that I would hate it and it would ruin the book, but I feel that in the end that method really made the book have so much more depth and made it so much more interesting. The main character, Zoey Redbird, in this series is always going up against some dark evil, and in this novel she is faced with the same previous evils she faced in the last novel and they are posing as a couple that they are not in an attempt to take over the world and declare war on the humans. In this book she ends up losing something that is so dear to her it could tear apart ones soul for good. She is such a strong character, and a great leader. If she were real I would want to be on her side that is for sure. Another complaint I have about this novel is that the plot is somewhat slow, it takes forever to reach a climax, but the climax was a good one so I guess it evens out.

· Blue Moon(284pages): This is a novel by Alyson Noel. This is the second book in the series known as the immortals. Something I noticed when I picked the first book and this book up to read is that the author does not capitalize the title, her name, or the name of the series. It makes me wonder, does she do this so kinda show the reader that when one lives thousands of hundreds of years such little things like capitalization is not seen as important. It becomes a boring time wasting task. The main girl in this novel is named Ever. She is a girl that can be described as a loner. She lost her family when she was 13 and she only has a couple friends until she falls in love with a man named Damen. Which all happens in the first novel. Now (in this novel) something is wrong with Damen, her soul mate, and Ever has to find out who is causing the change and why before she loses him forever. But in her search she faces a chance to go back and save her family and return to her old life. Which will she choose her family of the man that it connected to her soul whom she could not live without?

· Eternal (307pages) This book has the theme of Angel in love with a vampire. At first, it is a bit different, but as the book progresses a forbidden love forms and causes chaos. Miranda was just a regular girl with a guardian angel that always watched her but she never knew. Then one night her and her best friend go out to meet some guys and both of their lives change forever, and Zachary her angel falls. I like this book. It is not my favorite but it was enjoy about. The story line was good. It did take me forever to read at first because I had trouble getting into it. There is a moral to the story though that is so important and so sweet.

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I've read all these same books except the last one. It seems we have similar reading appetites!