Friday, May 1, 2009

The Color Purple a good Classic

The Color Purple by Alice Walker is a stunning novel. This novel is about a black girl by the name of Celie, and all the hard times that she goes through. The novel is hard to read in my opinion because of the language. There is some bad words in the novel, but those words are not the language I am referring to.

The whole novel is Celie writing letters to God. Her sister and her have been split up, and Celie never receives any of her sisters letters. So Celie writes letters to God because she has no one else to write to.

I mentioned that reading the novel was hard for me because of the language, and I was talking about the incorrect use of words, and the incomplete sentences. While reading each letter to God I have to think about what is going on to figure out what is meant by some of the sentences. Now I do not want anyone to think that the author just could not write. The reason the sentences are improper is because this book is set back years ago when there were still slaves, and uneducated people. Poor Celie never received an education so she does her best when writing her letters. Her dad pulled her out of school when she was young, insisting that she was not smart enough; that her little sister was the smart one in the family.

Celie goes through so many ups and downs, and experiences so many weird and cruel situations, yet she stays strong. She is truly an inspirational character because she keeps moving forward. Everyone can hope to be that strong. I recommend that everyone read this novel sometime in their life.

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