Thursday, May 21, 2009

The End ofa Great Year

WOW! I cannot believe that we have already made our journey through a whole sophomore year. Everything zipped by faster than a roadrunner running from a coyote. All the seniors are gone. I miss them so much, but in two more years, we will be the ones going off to bigger and better things.

This year is full of so many great memories. The girls track team won state again, I was so happy. I enjoyed all the track meets so much. I have found that I love to run so much, and all the pain is worth it in the end. We had a wonderful play this year, Oklahoma. All the students involved did a tremendous job performing the play. I had no idea that Andrew Cox could sing until I went to the play. Another little event that I will never forget is our English Debates. Those were so much fun. I was scared at first because I had no idea what I was doing, but when time to perform came along, I was in it to win it.

I have learnt so much this year. I have a better idea of what field I want to go into when college rolls around the corner, and I have a plan all made out. One subject that I have learned that I never thought I would be able to comprehend, that I was afraid of trying to learn, was the human body. I now know what makes the human body tick, where all the bones and organs are, along with their proper names, and how the heart works to keep us alive. I have also learned that there are lot of No No’s in writing, and my English teacher has broke me of them. I used to say the word it all the time, and now I get annoyed when my little brother says the world three times in the same sentence.

Next year we will be juniors, how unbelievable is that? I just cannot wrap my mind around that concept, and I probably will not fully do so until the third week into our junior year. This year was great and I am sad that it is almost gone, but I am ready to reach higher heights, and reach a deeper knowledge. So come on let us go rock out this summer and come back ready to take the world on headfirst.

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