Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Animal Farm

Animal Farm by George Orwell is a very intriguing book. George Orwell used an allegory to tell the story of the Russian Revolution, which is a very interesting way to tell such a story. I plan on reading George Orwell's novel 1984 to see if he can pull me in and really get me engaged in the novel like he had done with Animal Farm.

When we were given Animal Farm to read, I am going to be very honest, I was thinking, "What in the world? Animals, talking and ruling a farm? I am going to dislike reading this book!" I was very wrong when I thought that, and I am happy, and very thankful, that Animal Farm was given to us because I would have never picked the book up on my own.

In the book Animal Farm, there is a little farm called Manor Farm which is ran by an old drunk named Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones starves the animals and works them to death, treating them horribly even when they try their hardest to please him. When the day is over Mr. Jones sits drunk on his couch, and sometimes neglects to feed the animals because he wants to go get drunk with his friends.

The oldest pig on the farm Willingdon Beauty, known by the other animals as Old Major, calls the animals to a meeting one night to share a dream that he has had. Old Major was the wisest animal on the farm and the other animals respected him greatly so they all showed up. In the meeting Old Major shared his dream of a new world where animals live freely with plenty of food, free from the ruling of mankind. Then Old Major dies a few days later, and soon the animals begin the revolt that he dreamed of.

Two pigs step in and take the leadership roll, Snowball, and Napoleon. They create seven commandments to live by so that they follow Old Major's words and dreams, but nothing as important as starting a new life is ever simple.

I do not want to ruin all the good twists and turns in the book because they are something that a person must experience and take in at their own pace and point of view. Let me just say, there are some really deceitful characters, animals in this case mainly, in Animal Farm.

Parts of the book really infuriated me, not the book itself but the actions of the character. I actually screamed at the book once saying, " NO WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT!? WHY ON E EARTH WOULD YOU ALLOW THAT!?" My grandparents came to check on me in my room to make sure I was okay. I just laughed at myself.

Animal Farm is a great novel, and everyone should read Animal Farm sometime in their life. The novel is interesting and very educational on a whole new level. George Orwell did a magnificent job of capturing the Russian Revolution in this little novel. So next time you see Animal Farm on the library shelf pick it up and give it a chance. Trust me, the books is not just about pigs and chickens eating corn.

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