Monday, April 13, 2009

Vampire Kisses

Most little girls have an idea of what they want to be when they grow up. Some little girls want to be doctors, some want to nurses, some want to be vets, and some want to be beauticians, but Raven Madison has always wanted to grow up and become a VAMPIRE! Raven is a Gothic girl that loves the thought of vampires living around her and loves the thought of living in the darkness.

Ellen Schreiber wrote the book Vampire Kisses, and she did a good job of keeping in the book. There were times when the events in the book would be really slow, but then there would be a huge climax of excitement and adrenaline. I enjoyed the book and I have continued reading the Vampire Kisses series. The next book, Vampire Kisses: Kissing Coffins, is a bit better than the first. Raven gets deeper into a world that she knows nothing about.

In Vampire Kisses, Raven Madison is an outcast and lives life hiding in the shadows. She calls the town she lives in Dullsville because everyone acts proper and wears pastel colors. The only aspect of the town that interests Raven at all is an old abandoned, and supposedly haunted, mansion.

One day a new family moves into town, and the new family moves into the old abandoned haunted mansion that Raven uses as a play ground. Rumors begin to fly around about this new family because they, just like Raven, behave a little different from everyone else in town. Raven makes it her mission to find out about this new family. What Raven does not expect is true love to be jumping out in front of her and making her head spin.

Vampire Kisses is a supernatural book that is not really deeply supernatural. This novel is not as far into supernatural as some vampire and werewolf books get. There is of course love in the book, I hardly read books that do not involve love in some way. I have finished the first two and I plan on getting the next book Vampire Kisses: Vampireville as soon as I get to school in the morning. I left out a bunch of juicy, scrumptious scenes and details so you should read the book and see what you are missing!

number of pages: 272

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