Monday, April 13, 2009

Techie Tools

I would have to say that my favorite techie tool would have to be blogs. I write on my school blog, and I enjoy doing so. I like to share with others my opinions on books, and I like to share the little poems that I write from time to time.

Blogs are universal so everyone in the world can see what you are writing. So a person like me who likes to share views, ideas, and opinions will most likely enjoy blogging. Outside of my school blog I have a few more blogs sites where I post poems and ideas that are deeper and closer to my heart. Blogging is like an escape for me. I can feel the ideas running from my mind, to my fingers, onto the keys, and on the computer screen. The feeling is very enjoyable.

I keep my school blog strictly business, except for one time when I got my new laptop, and I use my other blogs as a sort of place to play. One day I hope to actually get noticed in the blogging world, but I do not get my hopes up because I have learned better than to do that. There are plenty of other ways and actions to become noticed for, but everyone has to have little hopes.

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~caitlin11 said...

I can tell you really love to blog.